When Life Gives You Lemons… Squeeze Them!

It was only recently while studying for my Yoga Teacher Training License in Costa Rica, that I learned lemons are more than just added flavor and bright garnish to the common glass of water. The juice of one full lemon, when added to a warm 8oz glass of water, holds quite the nutritional benefit! This top-of-the-morning drink wouldn’t be complete however without some added sweetness and local love courtesy of our very own wildflower honey ($10/lb)! 

The benefits of consuming warm lemon water first thing in the morning have been discussed in many health books and blogs. As an avid yogi and forever student to the many facets of wellness, it is one of the most commonly practiced Ayurvedic morning rituals, among many others (some of which include waking 20-30 minutes before sunrise, morning and evening tongue scraping, and essential oil self-messaging). According to the Yoga Journal, this warm lemon water ritual activates and detoxes your entire digestive system. Other benefits to this morning routine include: combating bad breath, reducing phlegm, easing constipation, boosting Vitamin C levels, increasing liver function, and of course, added hydration. Recently, it has been popularly noted that lemon water also helps with weight loss. While this may be the case for some, there is no scientific proof behind this, though it has been noted that lemon enzymes ignite ones’ metabolism. While there is clearly much to be said about the nutritional benefits to lemon water, there is also something to be said for routine.

Believe it or not, we are creatures of habit, both good and bad. I will be the first to admit that I have a number of bad habits myself; but with that said, I also have some good! It is something as simple as this morning glass that brings warmth, structure and wellness into my life, even if it lasts for just a few moments. So whether it’s a 10 minute meditation each morning before taking on the day or reading uplifting blurbs from your favorite wellness book, find a morning routine that works for you, and squeeze it tight!


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For information about the topics discussed in this blog, please visit the Yoga Journal online (“9 Ayurvedic Morning Rituals”), abcnews online (“The Truth About Lemon Water”), and the Huffington Post Living (“Lemon Water Can Really Improve Your Morning – and Day”)

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