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Healthy Slurps for Springtime

One item I've added to my every-other-morning ritual is a healthy smoothie, and I mean healthy. I keep the sugar count in check and don’t use any fake fillers, like fruit juice. It’s delicious but I’ve been feeling a little bored of my normal go-to smoothie. I'm in the mood for something easy, fresh, and slightly tropical - this chilly Banana Coconut Milkshake by is the perfect combination of fruit, nuts and cream.

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Nuggets of Wisdom

We’ve done the chicken wings, the cheese dip, the veggie platter and the sweet &  sour meatballs – but we need something else, something different. I don’t think I’m  alone when I say that new football game grub is in serious need. Let's just say,these  bacon-wrapped, sweet & savory aioli-topped potatoes are amazing   if Martha  Stewart and Bobby Flay had a baby, the child would be manifested through this  recipe, literally.

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Smells of the Season

Christmas is just around the corner, meaning there are only two weekends left to  get your presents purchased, your stockings hung, and your menus planned.  Menus planned? Yes. There must be something in the water – because at our  house, food is the number one topic of discussion.

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Staying Cool and Eating Local

The vast array of Fourth of July parties are approaching, which means many people will be planning to start their festivities around lunch or mid-afternoon.  If you’re below a latitude of 36° N, this means one thing and one thing only, start strategizing!  You will need to keep cool, hydrated, and away from the sun’s harsh rays. One great way to do this is introduce a DIY Popsicle Bar to your event! 

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Charcuterie for the Soul

The charcuterie - a mini buffet of food items curated to you, your personality, your soul, and especially, your stomach.  Lately, this elaborate platter of delectables has made itself known as (not only) the simplest of food displays but also the most versatile.

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