The Benefits of Spring Cleaning and Purging

Tidy Closet


Maybe you’ve seen or heard of the Netflix hit series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” In this series, world-renowned tidying expert Marie Kondo helps people clean out any clutter, simplify and “choose joy.” At the end of nearly every episode, tears stream down the faces of homeowners as they take in their new home. Taking the time to do some spring cleaning, is sure to bring joy into your life in at least three great ways.


  1. You will know what you have, and will learn what you need

Taking the time to pull out everything out from under the bed, cabinets, and closest is one of the best ways to get started tidying up. This allows you to step back and really take an inventory of everything you own. Knowing what you have allows you to then determine what you need. Do you really need five ugly Christmas sweaters? Probably not. Think about what you absolutely need and, in the words of Marie Kondo, “choose what brings you joy.”


  1. It will help make you more social


So many people forgo having company over because of their messy home. Most of us have different standards for how our home should look when guests come over versus how it should look for ourselves in our daily lives. When we have less, it is easier to keep the home tidy, and when it’s easier to keep things tidy, we are more likely to extend hospitality to our friends and family more often.


  1. You’ll save time


“Honey, have you seen my _____ ?” On the days you’re running late, it always seems that you can’t find what you need. When you tidy up, everything has its proper place which saves you time, hassle, and frustration.


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