Going Green This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving, though commonly synonymous with excessive indulgence, is the perfect time to show your gratitude for the planet by reducing waste. Here are a few tips for a greener Thanksgiving:

1.) Buy Local

Buying locally grown produce helps support community farmers and reduces emissions produced by big transport trucks, says David Stephen, Whole Foods team leader.

2.) Buy a Pastured Turkey

Turkeys that are raised on grass and bugs in open pastures are more eco-friendly. Among other benefits, the turkeys are good recyclers; their manure is generally used to help grow the grasses they eat.

3.) Skip the Turkey Altogether

Unless turkeys happen to be local in your area, why not opt for a local meat like elk or venison?

4.) Avoid Paper Plates

We know it's tempting, but skip paper plates and go with washable and reusable options!

5.) Cut Back on Washing

Dishwashers have come a long way, so skip the rinse before putting your dish in the dishwasher. Save water by simply scraping and loading.

 *These tips come from our friends at NPRFor more tips on how to have a green Thanksgiving, check out the full article here.

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