Recycling Your Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Coasters

Natural Christmas trees bring an extra touch of splendor and holiday magic to any home. Though they are beautiful, they result in a lot of waste each year. Instead of throwing your tree out, check out these 5 ways to recycle it and have a greener Christmas.

1. Community Tree Recycling

Many communities will organize Christmas tree drop off areas. Simply take your tree to the designated location, and have peace of mind that you did your part! Most communities will send your tree through a chipper so it can be repurposed into mulch for local parks/garden areas.

2. Food for the Fishes 

Let science help you with your Christmas clean up. If you have a pond or lake on your property, remove all decorations, then place your tree in the water. As the tree naturally decomposes in the water, algae will grow on it, providing a nice snack for the fish. Some game and fishery departments even offer a drop-off service for trees if you don't have a body of water on your property.

3. Use Needles for Mulch

Why not spruce up the garden a bit this Christmas with some pine needles? Just shake the needles off of the branches. Overtime, the needles will slowly return back to the earth.

4. DIY Tree Coasters

This Pinterest worthy recycling idea is our favorite. Use your bandsaw or hacksaw to cut your Christmas tree trunk into coasters and trivets. You'll want to sand, stain, and seal them before using to keep sap from leaking. These could even be used as some great stocking stuffers for next year! 

5. Fuel for the Fire

Chop up that tree and use it as fuel for the fire. You'll need to give the wood time to dry out (approximately a few months) before you try to burn it.


This list was adapted from our friends at Popular Mechanics.
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