Charcuterie for the Soul

The charcuterie - a mini buffet of food items curated to you, your personality, your soul, and especially, your stomach.  Lately, this elaborate platter of delectables has made itself known as (not only) the simplest of food displays but also the most versatile.  In the 15th century of France, charcuterie referred solely to the culinary art of cooked meat, whether that be air-dried, cured, smoked, or aged.  Today, the charcuterie means more than just cooked meat, it means (what we all love)… choices.  

Pick and choose, plate and prop avant-garde stinky cheeses, herbed patês, hot-pepper jellies, and stuffed olives – all with an air of sophistication and ease.  Who wouldn't love that for a cocktail party or a casual dinner at home?  Add some southern flair to your next charcuterie board with our Ghost Pepper Whipped Honey.  It combines velvety smooth wildflower florals with a tiny punch of packed heat.  This honey pairs well with aged cheeses that have a good amount of nuttiness like Parmigiano-Reggiano, a tangy Cheddar, Comté, Gruyère, or Appenzeller.

We're honored to have our Ghost Pepper Whipped Honey selected by Southern Living as one of their 24 Best Southern-Made Foods!  the image above was taken by Mikkel Vang for For more information about selecting the best quality meats for your charcuterie, visit

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