The Greater Hive

Bees can produce honey without help from humans. But if we provide them with a small amount of help, we can create a sustainable source of food for us. Whether you live in big city apartment building or a remote village in Africa, you can have a beehive and delicious, nutritious honey. You take care of the bees, and they’ll take care of you.

Cloister Honey goes to the Ritz-Carlton.

The Ritz-Carlton, just like the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, appreciate the luxurious nature of fresh, raw honey. We were delighted to install beehives at the Ritz-Carlton in Uptown Charlotte. These hives will provide fresh honey to the hotel and its guests for many years.

Honey Boxes atop Ritz Carlton, CharlotteHoney Boxes atop Ritz Carlton, CharlotteHoney Boxes atop Ritz Carlton, Charlotte

Cloister Honey is proud to help the Peace Corps in their effort to feed the world.

Our dear friend, Kathleen Fraser, is a member of the Peace Corps, stationed in Panama. She recognized the potential sustainability of beehives and honey harvesting. So she wanted to teach villagers how to create and maintain an efficient food source. We are glad she turned to Cloister Honey for advice and support.

Kat & Ladies in Panama with Bee SuitsKat & Ladies at hive in PanamaVictoria & Maribela in PanamaKathleen with the Hives in Panama

Girls are sweet. Girl Scouts are sweeter.

Cloister Honey was honored to establish beehives at Oak Springs Girl Scout Camp in Iredell County. Teaching young people how easy and effective it is to partner with nature is a vital part of our mission.

Girl Scouts with Honey DisplayHoney Display at Girl Scout Camp