Golden Honey Pot
Honey is one of nature’s luxuries. It takes thousands of bees and countless hours to produce an eight-ounce bottle of liquid gold – no wonder honey was prized by ancient emperors. The flavorful sweetness of raw, natural honey is a true delicacy. If you’re someone who appreciates the simple pleasures of life, we invite you to experience Cloister Honey.

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Staying Cool and Eating Local

June 30, 2015

The vast array of Fourth of July parties are approaching, which means many people will be planning to start their festivities around lunch or mid-afternoon.  If you’re below a latitude of 36° N, this means one thing and one thing only, start strategizing!  You will need to keep cool, hydrated, and away from the sun’s harsh rays. One great way to do this is introduce a DIY Popsicle Bar to your event! 

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Charcuterie for the Soul

May 20, 2015

The charcuterie - a mini buffet of food items curated to you, your personality, your soul, and especially, your stomach.  Lately, this elaborate platter of delectables has made itself known as (not only) the simplest of food displays but also the most versatile.

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Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies with Whipped Lavender Honey

April 18, 2015

If you’re trying to enjoy the magnificent beauty of the spring, from behind windowpanes, bring some of springtime's best characteristics inside with you! These Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies, by, combine the light, buttery, sweet, and floral aromas that this special season symbolizes.  Pair these deliciously delicate cookies with a cup of tea and a spread of Cloister Honey’s Whipped Lavender Honey – perfect for spring afternoons spent indoors, or on your screened-in porch. 

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