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Healthy Slurps for Springtime

One item I've added to my every-other-morning ritual is a healthy smoothie, and I mean healthy. I keep the sugar count in check and don’t use any fake fillers, like fruit juice. It’s delicious but I’ve been feeling a little bored of my normal go-to smoothie. I'm in the mood for something easy, fresh, and slightly tropical - this chilly Banana Coconut Milkshake by is the perfect combination of fruit, nuts and cream.

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Nuggets of Wisdom

We’ve done the chicken wings, the cheese dip, the veggie platter and the sweet &  sour meatballs – but we need something else, something different. I don’t think I’m  alone when I say that new football game grub is in serious need. Let's just say,these  bacon-wrapped, sweet & savory aioli-topped potatoes are amazing   if Martha  Stewart and Bobby Flay had a baby, the child would be manifested through this  recipe, literally.

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